Beyond Lockdown: Back to work but not before training

Monday May 18, 2020

Have your employees been participating in training and development whilst being temporarily laid-off from work through the wage subsidy scheme?

It is not too late to introduce an effective professional development scheme for employees to feel motivated and sharpen their skills before returning to work.

Why should employee training be a priority?

You may be asking, why is a distance training scheme for employees of relevance now when some people are being allowed back to work? We feel it is important to clarify the phased approach for returning to work as per the government’s roadmap for reopening society.

  • Only outdoor workers are permitted to return to work from 18th May.
  • Other workers who can keep 2m social distancing may be allowed to return from 8th June.
  • Those who can work with low levels of daily interaction with people are expected to return from 29th June
  • Those who cannot work from home are expected to return to work from 20th July.
  • A phased return to work for all other sectors is expected from 10th August.

Whilst we know that there will be many other high priorities on your to do-list at present, health and safety being a big one, there are good reasons to add employee training to your list.

How to get employees back to work better

Many people have been displaced and temporarily laid-off from work due to Coronavirus. Some may be back to work; others may still be absent, and everyone will have dealt with it in their own unique way.

By now, the novelty of being off from work will have likely worn off, and it can be a challenge for those who struggle to maintain a routine. Returning to work after an extended period can be a reality check and some employees may need a reminder of some basic operations and processes.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that necessary business adjustments result in some employees returning to a completely new role.

Implementing a professional development plan before employees return to work can help. It will also save time for the crucial tasks needed when reopening your business.

Making the most of this opportunity

So where should the focus be for training? You’ll want to ensure that any training or professional development undertaken is job critical and can address the needs of your business now or in the future.

As well as completing your own analysis of skills gaps or areas for improvement, it is a good idea to engage employees and ask them how they feel they could better their capabilities. You may find that they have discovered new interests during this time that they could pursue within your business when they return to work.

Welcoming employee input for training opportunities shows that you care about their professional development. It can be a fantastic way to motivate your team through this challenging time.

Training can benefit every member of your workforce. Consider those who are working from home or on reduced hours too. It can be a helpful way to encourage optimism and a sense of accomplishment.

Get started today

If you would like to introduce a training plan for your employees but are not quite sure where to start, contact us today. We can help you to construct the best plan for your team from start to finish.

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