Financial well-being: Supporting employees and your business

Monday January 31, 2022

January is synonymous with goal setting. The pandemic is, hopefully, finally subsiding and employers are no doubt keen to kick off the year with a positive start.

For others though, and perhaps a few employees, January can be a slow start. There is Dry January providing a reminder that the festive season is well and truly over, credit card bills to pay and a media narrative threatening the cost of living.

Even those who had saved up for a rainy day could be distracted from achieving their targets this month.

To boost morale and get employees back on track, a proactive approach to financial well-being can help.

The importance of financial well-being

Having good financial well-being means to feel secure about one’s finances now and in the future. It is a major contributor to an overall state of well-being. If employees are stressed about money, it shows in other areas of their life, such as at work.

Whilst finances can seem like a personal matter, and may be difficult for some people to talk about, promoting good money management and showing support can have a positive impact on employees and the wider business.

From alleviating stress and helping employees to focus on their work, to building better budgeting skills, which can be useful for various roles and departments.

Promoting good financial well-being in your business

In the October Budget, the UK Government acknowledged that better numeracy skills can open doors to employment. Keep an eye out for the new UK-wide adult maths programme expected to launch this spring.

A quick Google search can reveal free financial education for adults and helpful resources for your employees. There are other ways in which you can offer support to improve financial well-being in your business without breaking the bank too.

Signposting charities and organisations that offer free, impartial debt advice, such as such as Mabs and Step Change can be a good place to start. Additionally, you may like to consider implementing an Employee Assistance Programme which can provide staff with confidential counselling on a wide range of topics, including financial advice.

If you’re considering providing an employee with a loan, this is possible but it’s best to consult HR as it involves setting up an agreement for monthly deductions from payroll.

Financial support available for businesses

If this topic has got you thinking about your own financial well-being and budgets for your business, check out some of the following resources for further information and support:

  • The Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS) is still running until 30 April as long as you are already registered.
  • Government support listed for COVID-19 impacted businesses.
  • The Local Enterprise Office is the First Stop Shop for anyone seeking information and support on starting or growing a business.

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