Keeping up with the millennials. Are you doing enough?

Wednesday May 30, 2018

Millennials have spoken, and with a growing distrust in public figures and world leaders, they are looking for more from their employers. Results from the 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey show that respondents felt 71% of political leaders made a negative effect on society, whereas business leaders were thought to be making a positive difference.

With millennial goals including stability, positive change and meaningful work, are you doing enough to keep them switched on and committed to your business? If you can give them a project to get passionate about, they could end up being your best investment.

Make a difference

Whether it’s aligning your company core values with a progressive cause or acknowledging what’s important to your employees, consider how your company can make a positive difference.  This could be achieved through a charity bike ride or bake sale, or even by getting involved in your local community.

A sustainable style

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword in 2018, it’s a way of life. From reusable shopping bags to cycle-to-work schemes, sustainable living is high on the agenda for most millennials.

Is your workplace forward thinking and keeping it real? Create a sustainable workforce by showing you care about more than just your profit margin. It could start with something as simple as sharing some energy saving tips or positively promoting recycling to reduce waste at work.

Invest in your future – and theirs

Millennials can sometimes get a bad rep for spending more time on a perfectly curated Instagram story than their basic cooking skills. You may even start to hear about “Deliveroo” on a weekly basis with a millennial on the team.

But with motivation, trust and confidence, who knows what skills they could perfect to take your business to unexpected new levels of success. Your digital-savvy millennial employee might know of a more efficient or automatic solution to your current processes. Take the time to listen and perhaps offer to send them on a course or training day to keep them keen.


Does your team span a range of ages? Tell us about your experiences of working with millennials in the comments section below.

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