Six top tips to tackle absence at work

Thursday May 25, 2017

As an employer you will, without a doubt, have experienced someone taking liberties with sickness absence over the years. Many employers have numerous schemes and ideas on ways to reduce absence in the workplace such as using incentive schemes or flexi working.

Even just having an open environment can help – to ensure that any issues can be discussed without them becoming a bigger problem. The average amount of sick days taken by employees is 4.7 per year for businesses with fewer than 50 employees! This all adds up. But not to worry, we at The HR Dept are here to assist and have some top tips to help you tackle absence.

1. Record all absence – Be on the lookout for employees that may take days off on Mondays (Monday blues) or Fridays (Friday feeling) as these are the most common days to be taken off.

2. Hold return-to-work interviews with all employees on their return, however long or short their period of time off through illness. Not only does this help bring your employee up to speed with everything that happened whilst they were away, it also gives you the opportunity as their employer to make sure everything is ok with them.

3. Are your staff telling the truth? If you think someone isn’t telling the truth about their time off, take advice from The HR Dept.

4. Minimise distrubence– The disruption can be alarming to a business when an employee is off sick long term. So make sure that you have contingency plans in place for such situations: for instance, hiring a temporary worker.

5. Ensure procedures are in place. Make sure your employee follows the procedure laid out in your absence policy to keep you informed of their situation.

6. Keep unexplained absences low– Above all, make sure that you have open dialogue with your staff to ensure that unexplained absences remain as low as possible.

Aside from the impact of absent staff, simply processing the requests takes a great deal of a manager’s time – if you still use a paper based system or spreadsheet. If this is you, look into our HR Toolkit service. It automates the whole process through software, freeing you up from the hassle of administration. For more information or a free demonstration, call us today.

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