Star Wars V the HSE: Episode I

Thursday May 25, 2017

Han Solo (Harrison Ford), a cultural icon from the famous Star Wars franchise ran into trouble with the Millennium Falcon back in 2014 when a hydraulic door (with the same force as a car!) caught him, breaking his leg in the process. Now two years later, the HSE’s case is almost over as the production company pleads guilty to two breaches under UK Health and Safety legislation, found responsible they’ll be sentenced for failing to protect the actors and staff on set. A very real “risk of death” was present according to one prosecutor, the actual fate of Harrison therefore could’ve been much worse.

No doubt the production company will have learned considerable lessons from this, and continue with what has otherwise been a safe record for the film industry in the UK. But they’re not the only ones, you and your business too can take learnings away from this unfortunate incident, even if you don’t happen to have a spaceship lying around.

Closer to home there were 7,775 workplace related injuries last year, a small increase from the previous year. The figure should be 0, so it’s crucial that you have strong health and safety procedures in place, only then can you:

1. Create a safer environment for you and your staff

2. Limit workplace accidents

3. Lessen threat of legal action

4. Boost your reputation as a good employer

It’s a relief then that The HR Dept has a fully qualified Health and Safety team who can guide and support you through your legal obligations; we keep you compliant and your workplace safe. Check out our list of services here.

If you feel like you would benefit from a health and safety consultation give the HR Dept a call or email to smooth over any problems, you may have and to give you peace of mind.

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