What do new customers think of our HR services in 2018?

In Spring 2018 we reached out to over 1,000 SMEs who have been HR Dept customers for a year or less. We wanted to see how things are going in their first year of being with us. Here’s what we discovered.

97% respondents said that we met or exceeded their expectations for speed of response. This is important to us because we know that time is money for our SME customers, and people problems will not wait. That’s why we continue to offer flexible and accessible HR services.

At The HR Dept we really take the time to get to know our new customers so that we can understand their business. This allows us to provide a truly tailored service. We are thrilled to report that 98% of respondents agree that we have kept this promise.

Advice which meets or exceeds expectations for 99% of new customers

We emphasise quality over quantity, as we don’t want to bombard our customers with technical terms or HR facts that are irrelevant to their queries. Our survey results told us that 99% of our respondents felt that the advice they received from us either met or exceeded their expectations. We strive to maintain this performance with a core focus remaining on quality advice.

Our approach to customer service doesn’t just deal with the here and now, but looks to leave a lasting impression. So, when 98% of our responding customers said they thought we gave them excellent customer service, and 100% said they were given peace of mind, we were overjoyed.

What our newest customers say

Here are some examples of what new HR Dept customers had to say:

Friendly professional service, which meets and exceeds the requirements of the customer. Always willing to help/advise, nothing is too much trouble, it’s been a pleasure dealing with The HR Dept.”

“My needs are understood well, and the assistance provided is well matched to these needs. The friendly but professional approach creates trust.”

“The HR Dept are very responsive, appreciating sometimes issues are urgent and we have to react to these. The advice is always clear, and they make a real effort to understand our business before providing recommendations.”

Looking to the future we hope to be able to help many more SMEs prevent people problems in their businesses. And that’s why it’s so important to us to know that 97% of our respondents feel confident enough in our service that they would be happy to recommend us to a friend or associate.

Service measured as “world class”

Overall, we were awarded a Net Promoter Score* of 75. To set the scene, anything over 70 is considered world class and the average UK score is 30!

Our goal is to make sure that our newest customers continue to be as thrilled with our service as they are now. So, it’s our aim to continue climbing a mountain of success with our loyal customers by our side.

Looking for an SME HR advisor you can rely upon?

If your business is growing and you feel it’s time to get some HR support, or you are dissatisfied with an existing HR advisor, get in touch with us. We’d love to bring this same level of service to your business and help you prevent people problems too.

*A Net Promoter Score is used as a proxy for gauging a customer’s overall satisfaction with a company’s product or service and loyalty to the brand.


Preventing People Problems

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